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If You Only Knew: IF YOU ONLY KNEW - Cynthia Clark

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Seventeen years ago university student Elizabeth was riding her bike back to halls when she was struck by a lorry.  The driver was charming and apologetic, when he offered her a lift home she thought why not?


Elizabeth woke up hours later kept prisoner in a shed in the middle of nowhere.  Once she had come round he viciously raped her.  When he was about to rape her again Elizabeth found a piece of jagged glass on the floor and stabbed him in the neck.  Elizabeth was in shock and felt she could not go to the police so she walked back to university pushing her bicycle in the dark.  She never mentioned the rape or killing to anyone and vowed to put it behind her.


In the present day Elizabeth is a lawyer and part owner of a solicitors practice.  She is married to Miles who she met at university and they have two children.  Her carefully constructed life starts to unravel when someone close starts raking through their past.


I can't say much more in case I ruin the story.  But I have to say, this book has left me speechless it was so good.  The tension the author creased was palpable, I could practically hear the clock ticking as Elizabeth's secret was about to be revealed.


You find out what happened to Elizabeth early in the story, but this made me understand the lengths she went to protect herself.  The character I disliked was Miles because he wanted Elizabeth to confess because he could not live with himself knowing the truth.


I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars.  I look forward to Cynthia Clark's next book.

Broken Bones - Angela Marsons

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I can't believe Angela Marsons has written her seventh book in the DI Kim Stone series.  This series has gone from strength and I am glad that her colleagues Stacey Wood and Kevin Dawson have become strong characters in their own right.


Broken Bones stars on a funny note when Kim finds an abandoned baby outside the police station on a cold January night.  I have to admit I did enjoy her discomfort when she had to call Bryant from home to care for the baby.  On the same night prostitute Kelly Rowe was last seen getting into a punters car, she was later found murdered in a alleyway.


Stacy and Dawson tried to find the baby's mother and discovered she may be Romanian.  They go to a handbag factory when they employ Romanians and uncover a modern day slave operation.  Meanwhile another prositute is found murdered in a toilet who worked on the same strip as Kelly.  Kim then becomes aware of a young girl who went to see a friend and never returned home.  Kim soon discovers aspects of the missing person enquiry runs parallel to her murders.


I think Broken Bones was the darkest story yet from Angela Marsons.  It covered all the worst parts of modern England, child prostitution, illegal immigration, criminal gangs and debt.  If I had to be fussy I missed Kim's dog Barney which would of lent some lighter moments to the story.  As always this was a fast paced novel with never any dull moments.  if you are new to this series I advise you to start with book one to see how Kim's character develops.

Ann Troup Untitled Book 3 - Ann Troup

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Nurse Maura Lyle had been on sick leave with depression since the death of her ex-husband Richard.  When Maura is offered as a job as a private nurse on a personal recommendation she jumps at the chance to leave home for a while.


The job is to look after the elderly and infirm Gordon Henderson in his home Essen Grange.  Gordon's cousin and carer Estelle Hall was in hospital after falling down stairs.  Maura knew she had made a mistake when she first set eyes on the foreboding Essen Grange.


Mr Henderson was a nasty old man.  He deliberately wet himself and fell from his chair to test Maura's patience.  When she tried to pick him up he bit her cheek and scratched her.  Cheryl is the cleaner at the Grange, she is a strange quick tempered woman who warns her not to roam around the house.


On the first night alone in the house the lights trip and a window smashes.  Days later a body is dug up by builders who are building a housing estate on the edge of Essen Grange.  Policeman DS Mike Poole and colleague DC Gallan try to interview Mr Henderson but he refuses to answer their questions.  Then Mr Henderson is found dead, suffocated with his own scarf.  With further bodies piling up associated to Essen Grange, Poole and Hallam try to find out the truth.


This was a clever plot with twists and turns a plenty.  I liked DC Gallant and DI James who bought humour to the story.  My only grip was it was difficult to remember all the extended family members and their relationship to Gordon Henderson.


This was my first book written by Ann Troup but I will definitely read more books by her in the future.

Murder Game: A gripping serial killer thriller you won't be able to put down (Detective Ruby Preston Crime Thriller Series Book 3) - Caroline Mitchell

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Murder Game is the third instalment in the DS Ruby Preston series.  The story begins wiht Melissa Sherman and Richard in a hotel bedroom after meeting on an exclusive dating website called Debauchery.


The next day Melissa's husband political commentator Philip Sherman, returns to an empty house.  There is a parcel on the floor containing Melissa's severed ring finger.  Ruby and the team believe this to be a kidnapping until some photos are found on Philip's work computer.  One of the pictures show Melissa in a hotel room tied to the bed.  When Ruby tracks down the anonymous hotel room Melissa is found murdered.


Ruby's boss DI Downes recognises the MO as the same as serial killer Mason Gatley.  When another woman disappears after a date with the mysterious Richard.   Ruby believes Mason have a new apprentice on the outside to carry on his work.


Caroline Mitchell is an excellent story teller.  I imagined Ruby's interviews with Mason were like Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lector is Silence of the Lambs.  I thought Richard's phone calls to the sanity helpline just to talk was a bit different.


I was absolutely sure I knew who Richard was.  When Richard was finally unmasked I felt a bit cheated because he only appeared once in a previous chapter.


I still enjoyed this book non the less and I look forward to see what happens next with Ruby.

Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe - Melissa  de la Cruz

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Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe is a festive retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.


The book starts with Darcy Fitzwilliam returning to Pemberley, Ohio because her mother has had a heart attack.  Eight years earlier, Darcy had a furious row with her father because she did not want to marry her boyfriend Carl who came from a well connected family in Pemberley.  When her father threatened to stop financially supporting her she fled to New York.  Darcy is now a partner in a hedge fund and is the third wealthiest woman under 29 in New York.


Her mother is recovering well from her heart attack and insists they should still hold their annual Christmas party.  At the party she is reunited with her best friend from high school Bingkey Charles who now lives in LA.  She gets very drunk with Bingley at the party and she meets her neighbour Luke Bennett.  At school she hated Luke and he thought she was selfish and entitled, as they start trading insults under the mistletoe he kisses her passionately.  Darcy is shocked because she felt sparks.  Luke is a simple carpenter happy with his lot in Pemberley, how can she be with a man like that?


In my twenties I only read chic lit books.  Now I am older I read psychological thrillers mainly but I still read Marian Keyes, Katie Fforde and Holly Martin . However I love Christmas and I enjoy festive romcoms this time of year.


This was not a bad book, however I thought the plot was unsophisticated and lacked any humour.  The explanation for Darcy becoming estranged from her whole family in the first place was ridiculous.  I could understand why she wanted a career before marriage but why did she allow herself to be cut off from her family for 8 years. Also Darcy was supposed to be a successful 29 year old million heiress but I found her immature and tempestuous. I think this booked is aimed more for teenagers then adults 




The Mistake: An unputdownable psychological thriller with a brilliant twist - K. Slater

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I discovered KL Slater this year and she had definitely joined my list of favourite authors.  I feel so lucky to have read this book before the official release of 04/10/17.


Rose lives in the small village where she was born and works as a librarian.  Her brother Billy was murdered sixteen years earlier.  Rose is still guilty about her brother's death and as a consequence suffers from crippling anxiety and eating issues.


When Rose was 16 she was in a relationship with Gareth an older man in his thirties.  Gareth was a controlling man who told her what to wear and who to speak to.  At a party he told Rose she looked cheap.  BF Cassie was angry by this and asked for an apology.  Gareth asked her to choose between him and Cassie.  When Gareth heard Cassie describe him as controlling and told her to leave him Gareth said she would live to regret it.  Days later Cassie was raped at home and consequently committed suicide.  When Rose realised what a dangerous man Gareth was she tried to break up with him but he drugged and kidnapped her.  Later Billy went missing and later found murdered.  Gareth was arrested and sentenced to life in prison.


16 years later Rose lives next door to Ronnie who along with his wife was a friend of the family.  When Ronnie is rushed to hospital he tells Rose not to go upstairs.  A couple of days later she goes upstairs and finds Billy's blanket in a cardboard box in the spare room.  She was always sure of Gareth's guilt, was Ronnie responsible for Billy's death?


The Mistake was a quick read but it was an amazingly well thought out plot.  The authors depiction of Gareth really scared me because he controlled not just Rose but her father Ray.  Part of me felt sorry for Rose because she was a young girl who was under Gareth's spell.  Another part of me wanted to shake her for staying with him despite alarm bells.  I loved the ending of this book when Rose no longer felt afraid of Gareth and got her own back.  I look forward to KL Slater's next book.

The Surrogate: A gripping psychological thriller with an incredible twist - Louise Jensen

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The Surrogate starts with reporters, police and a ambulance surrounding a house in a quiet cul-de-sac.  The paramedics leave the house pushing two stretchers into a waiting ambulance.  A policeman is heard saying it is a murder enquiry.


Kat is happily married to Nick for 8 years and works for a stroke charity.  Her happiness would be complete if she had children but she is unable to concieve.  Kat and Nick tried to adopt a baby boy from abroad called Dewei but the adoption failed at the last minute.  Devastated Kat and Nick are trying to adopt baby Mai and to bring her to the UK shortly.


One day Kat pops into ther local coffee shop and is shocked to see her ex best friend Lisa.  Kat and Lisa were inseperable until a devastating incident occurred 10 years earlier.  Lisa and her family refused to speak to Kat, so Kat moved to a town 8 miles away to rebuild her life.


It turns out Lisa still still lives in their home town.  Kat is surprised that Lisa is still talking to her after what happened.  Kat is mistrustful of Lisa, what is she planning?  When Kat tells Lisa about adopting Mai, Lisa explains she acted as a surrogate.  When the adoption of Mai falls through Kat asks Lisa to become her surrogate.


Once Lisa falls pregnant everything goes wrong.  Nick's business is in financial trouble and he is acting distantly.  She overhears him telling his best friend Tim that it is too late to tell Kat.  Kat starts to receive silent phone calls.  She sees a stranger watching the house, he frightens her by leaving a wreath outside and a book on how to cope with death.


The chapters were headed then and now.  The then chapters were split into the POVs of Kat and Nick 10 years earlier.  The storyline grabbed me from the first page.  It was slow and suspenseful with lots of different storylines, red herrings and a dose of paranoia.  The people who I thought were baddies were not actually what they seemed.  I could tell from the beginning of the book it would not end well for Kat and Nick  When the strands of the story came together in the finale, I was transfixed, it was not what I was expecting.


I thorough recommend this author to anyone who likes dark, psychological thrillers.

The Angel (Imogen Grey and Adrian Miles) - Katerina Diamond

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First I have mentioned this before but I love the cover art on Katerina Diamond's books.  If feel as though I could cut my finger on that broken glass.  The Angel is the third book in the DS Imogen Grey and Adrian Miles series.


19 year old Gabriel Shaw is a goth who does not get along with his parents.  Gabriel set fire to a waste paper bin in a disused railway signal box which resulted in a huge fire.  Unbeknowst to him a man was sleeping rough downstairs and he perished in the fire.  Gabriel admitted to starting the fire but claimed he put it out before leaving the signal box.  Gabriel is remanded in custody for arson and is disowned by his parents.  Imogen and Adrian are sure Gabriel is innocent and try to search for the homeless man.


In another case Patty Wallis and her husband are brutally murdered in their own home.  A strange symbol drawn in blood is on the wall.  When a video of the murder is posted on the internet Imogen's boyfriend Dean Kincaid recognises the symbol but he can't remember from where.


At the end of The Secret DS Miles had discovered that his son Tom's stepfather Dominic Shaw was a crook possibly involved in human trafficking.  When Adrian finds out the Wallis's son made donations to Dominic's company he becomes convinced that Shaw is involved in the murders.  When Dominic arranges for Adrian's girlfriend to be murdered and then framed for the crime he decides to run away.


I enjoyed the POV of Gabriel during his time on remand.  When Gabriel's family and girlfriend are threatened by a prisoner he has to find a way to protect them.


Diamond has yet again weaved another dark, complex tale with multiple threads that are neatly tied in a bow by the end of the book.  Diamond is a wonderful storyteller who is now one of my go to authors I can trust.  I recommend you read the whole series to understand the history of Grey and Miles.

In a Cottage In a Wood: The gripping new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The Woman Next Door - Cass Green

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I enjoyed Cass Green's first book The Woman Next Door so I was look forward to reading In a Cottage in a Wood.


I was drawn into this book from the first page.  It is very easy reading with short snappy chapters.  Neve wakes up in the middle of the night in a strangers bed.  It was her works chrismas do where she met whatisface.  Neve recently split up with her boyfriend Daniel and is living with her sister Lou, her husband Steve and daughter Lottie.  Her BF Mira is pregnant and did not attend the party, drunk and bored Neve had a one night stand.


After escaping Whatisface she starts to walk home over Waterloo Bridge where she meets Isabelle.  Isabelle looks distressed and is wearing only a vintage gown.  Neve asks her if she is all right and offers her the fare for a bus ride home.  Isabelle thanks Neve and tells her is a good person and then jumps into the Thames.  The following day Isabelle's body is found washed up.


A few weeks later Neve finds out that Isabelle Shawcross bequeathed her Petty Wynn Cottage in her will.  Surprised Neve intends to sell the property but when she believes she is about to made redundant she walks out of her job, packs a bag and goes straight to her cottage to clear her head.


The cottage is in the middle nowwhere with little public transport and no shops nearby.  After travelling hours Neve arrives in the cottage and finds the property has been wrecked and finds a dead magpie in the sink.  Hours later the electricity goes off increasing her desolation.  In the morning she discovers all the windows have bars but why?  Strange things continue to happen in the cottage, another dead magpie, doors unlocked and the radio switched on all day.  Neve makes friends with neighbours Sally and Will Gardiner who tell that isabelle was scared and thought she was in danger.  Scared Neve decides to find out what happened to Isabelle.


Neve finds out that Isabelle was a prison visitor, she was close friends to ex policeman Bob Dyer.  When Neve visits Bob he refuses to speak to her.


This was a scary book with plenty of red herrings, you could definitely feel the terror Neve felt alone in the cottage.  Unfortunately I did not feel sorry for Neve, her recklessness annoyed me.  I liked Lou, Neve's long suffering sensible big sister and Mira who sounded funny and down to earth.  I wishes Mira could of played a bigger part in the story.  I did not guess the who the culprit was but I did have a fair idea of the reason why it was happening.  There was a revelation in this book I did not see coming in a million years.  I have deducted a start for the far fetched conclusion but I did enjoy it none the less.  I look forward to the next book.

Cold Blood: A gripping serial killer thriller that will take your breath away (Detective Erika Foster Book 5) - Robert Bryndza

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I love the Erica Foster series and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to read this book before the official release on 20/09/17.


I have read all five books in this series and I think Cold Blood is the best book yet.  Detective.Chief Inspector Foster and her friend/colleague Detective Inspector Kate Moss are called to the River Thames where the dead body of a man was found on the beach.  The man had been dismembered and put into a suitcase.  Two weeks later the dismembered body of a female in a suitcase is found further up the shore.  Erica and Kate have to find out if the victims knew each other and why were they murdered.


During the investigation Erica is attacked by ruthless drug dealers. She later finds out one of her colleagues was heavily In debt to the dealers, in desperation they provided confidential information to pay off the debt.


In between chapters are diary excerpts from 18 year old Nina Hargreaves and her boyfriend Max.  Nina instantly fell in love with Max who is in thirties.   The diary extracts show how Max manipulated Nina until she was cut off from work, friends and family.  The couple definitely had parallels to the infamous child murderers who killed together in the North of England in the sixties.  Max who thinks he is an intellectual who has never been given a break, and Nina who will do anything Max asks.


I am sorry Erica's friend Isaac Strong only appeared in the background of the story.  I hope he will appear more in the next book.


Cold Blood was utterly


compelling.  The tension was so high I read the last 60 % of the story In one sitting.  Congratulations Robert you deserve your success.



The Good Sister: A twisty, dark psychological thriller that will have you gripped - Jess Ryder

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Jess Ryder hit the ground running earlier this year with her debut novel Lie To Me.  I am so glad I was given the chance to read her second book The Good Sister.


Jerome Macauliffe had been receiving malicious texts from someone threatening to reveal a secret.  He decided to go out for a night time run on his motorbike but lost control and drove into a tree killing him instantly.


Jerome worked in Manchester as a teacher during the week and returned home to London during the weekends.  When Jerome's daughter Josie went to clear his house in Manchester he discovered Jerome had another daughter called Valentina.  Josie and Valentina look similar and Josie is only 5 days older than Valentina.  But that is where the similarity ends, Josie is responsible, has a good job and is living with her boyfriend Arun.  Valentina on the other hand is unemployed, had dubious friends and takes drugs.


Josie is devastated that her father had two families one in London and one in Manchester.  Josie's mother is grief stricken over Jerome and she decides not tell her about Valentina.  Valentina is manipulative and Josie is warned by Arun to keep away from her.


However Josie is drawn to Valentina and refuses to listen.  Slowly Valentina inveigles her way into Josie and Arun's life destroying Josie in the process.


The Good Sister is only 230 pages but a lot happens in those pages.  This book was a true psychological thriller that messed with my mind.  The second part of this book was fantastic.  I was hit by so many revelations it gave me concussion.  This book was told from the POV of Josie and Valentina.  If I had one criticism the chapters were not headed so you were not intially sure whose voice you were reading but you could easily tell the characters apart.


Brilliant storytelling, well done.

He Said/She Said - Erin Kelly

With thanks to Netgalley and Hodder and Staughton for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.


This is my first book written by Erin Kelly.  I do not own any of her other books but I will definitely be reading her back catalogue.


My friends know I love psychological thrillers and courtroom dramas, and He said/She said is my favourite genres rolled into one.


The storyline flits between 1999 and 2015.  In 1999 student couple Laura and Kit went to Cornwall to watch a solar eclpse.  Whilst there Laura witnesses a rape, the police are called and Laura and Kit give evidence in court again Jamie who is accused of rape.  After the trial Laura becomes friends with Beth the victim and their lives become firmly entrenched.


In 2015 Laura and Kit are married living in London.  After an incident with Beth, Laura and Kit had to move house and now live under assumed names.  Laura now suffers from severe disability anxiety and paranoia.  Kit is going to the Pharo Islands to watch the next exclipse leaving heavily pregnant Laura at home alone.


Kit is worried that Beth will go the the Pharo Islands hoping she will find Kit and Laura.  What happended in the last few years to change their lives?


It was a coincidence I chose to read this book this week because there was a solar eclipse on 21/08/17 that could be seen in the US.


He/She said was a slow burner and it took time for the story to progress.  The story was told from the POV of Laura, Kit and Beth, I like stories when you are drip fed the information.  The story was definitely twisty turny,the minute I had a handle on the story the story turned on its head making me gasp Noooo!  The conclusion of this book was stunning I was not expecting that ending.


Overall this was an ingenious plot that left me begging for more.  This book will definitely be on my top ten books for 2017 list.

Ice Blue - Emma Jameson

I read this as it was one of GR groups August value book read.


Ice Blue is the first book in the Lord and Lady Hetheridge series.  I have mixed feelings about this book, in fact I nearly gave up before the end of the first chapter.


First of all this is a supposed to be a cosy mystery so I did not like the racism shown towards Muslim DS Bhar or the fact he joked about being in the Taliban.  Secondly, although this book is set in London I think it was written to appeal to an American audience.   The first couple of chapters were littered with American phrases not used in the UK such as home invasion, janitors,  homicide and car lot.  The most cringy was when Kate Wakefield called her boss a plonker -  I have never hear that word outside of Only Fools and Horses.


However, the mystery was good fun and I loved the characters in this  book.   Lord Anthony 'Tony' Hetheridge an officer with an unblemished career who enjoys fencing in his spare time.  Mrs Snell who serves Lord Hetheridge a cooked breakfast on a silver platter at work every day. Feisty DS Kate Wakefield who is single and bring up her nephew Henry and carer to her brother Ritchie who has learning disabilities.  I also like DS Darinder 'Paul' Bhar who is intelligent with a dry sense of humour.


Although this is not my usual type of book it was a fun, fast read with likeable characters I have book  4 on TBR list, I look forward to reading what happens next..  

The Break - Marian Keyes

With thanks to Netgalley and Penguin books for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.


I was so excited when I realised Marian Keyes had written a new book.  I devoured chic lit books in my twenties, but as I got older I lost interest in the genre.  Now I am older, Marian keyes is one of the few chic lit authors I still read.


I loved the books featuring the Walsh family it felt like meeting old friends.  I hope The Break will be the first book featuring the O'Connell family, Marian has created a family with plenty of strong female characters to create new books.


Hugh and Amy have 3 almost grown up children Neeve, Kiara and neice Sofie.  The book starts with Hugh telling his wife Amy that he wants a break for 6 months backbacking around Asia.  Hugh lost his father and brother in quick succession, now deeply depressed he wants to clear his head.  During that time he will not contact Amy and wants to be free to sleep with other women.  Amy is devastated, Hugh is adament that he will return to Ireland in 6 months but she is not so sure.


During Hugh's break Amy finds out he is sleeping with a younger woman, angry and humilated she swears it is over with Hugh.


In flashbacks from two years earlier she came close to an affair with married Journalist John Rowan.  When Amy and Josh meet again at an Industry Award dinner she finds she is stll attracted to him.  Convinced Hugh will not be returning, she starts an affair with Josh with no strings attached.  Amy is happy with this until he wants to leave his wife for her.


Like always Marian Keyes books have plenty of Irish wit whilst covering subjects like depression, dementia and abortion.  I enjoyed the chapters when Amy's mother Lilian O'Connell did a series of appearances on Neeve's You Tube channel and became an internet sensation.  I also loved Amy's friend Alistair from work who is seeing her sister Derry.


I hope to read more books from the O'Connell family in the future.

The Stolen Girls: A totally gripping thriller with a twist you won’t see coming (Detective Lottie Parker) (Volume 2) - Patricia Gibney

With thanks to Netgalley and Bookoutre for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.


I think DI Lottie Parker must be the most unlikable female protagonist I have ever read.  Although she holds down a responsible job as Detective Inspector, at home she wallows in grief and pills to the detriment of her children.  However despite Lottie's own failure as a mother when the chips are down she fights like a lioness to save her kids.


The Stolen Girls is the second book in the Lottie Parker series and it is just as good as The Missing Ones.   As in the first book The Stolen Girls deals with dark subjects such as self-harming, organ harvesting and human trafficking.


As you can imagine this plot is quite detailed so I don't want to give away any spoilers.  The story begins 4 months after The Missing Ones and it is Lottie's first day back at work after sick leave.  On her doorstep is a young woman called Mimosa and Milot her son.  Mimosa speaks little English but passes Lottie a letter asking her to find her friend Kaltrina.


Little forgets the letter when she has to hit the ground when the dead body of a woman is found under a new covered road.  The woman was pregnant and killed by a gunshot wound, worryingly her kidney had been removed.  The next day another body with the same injuries is found buried under a different road by the same builder.


Closer to home 17 year old Maeve Philips went missing 5 days earlier and has not Bern seen since.  Lottie's daughter Chloe knows what may have happened but cannot tell Lottie without divulging her own secret.


This plot was certainly twisty and I enjoyed reading as the tale unfolded.  Although Lottie needs a good shake, I like her kids Chloe, Katie and Sean.  I also like DS Mark Boyd who stops Lottie going off and taking risks and DS Larry Kirby.  I certainly recommend you try this series, Patricia Gibney is an excellent storyteller.


At the end of the book Lottie received shocking news.  I hope she will be able to pull her socks up by the next book and bring her fractured family together.



The Betrayals - Sarah Ovens, Huw Parmenter, Whole Story Audiobooks, Fiona Neill, David Thorpe, Kate Lock

With thanks to Netgalley and Penguin for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.


I enjoyed Fiona's last book The Good Girl, I have to admit when I saw The Betrayals I requested it before reading the synopsis.  I am glad to say Fiona did not betray the trust I had in her writing, I loved it.


First of all I liked the front cover of this book.  If I saw this in a bookshop it would compel me to pick up the book and read.  Rosie and Lisa have been best friends since school.  Years later Rosie  married Nick a scientist and Lisa married music journalist Barney.  Rosie's daughter Daisy and Lisa's daughter Ava also became best friends.  Both families remained close and Rosie was a shoulder to cry on when Lisa's marriage was failing.


When the families go on their annual holiday to Norfolk, Lisa and Nick start an affair.  When Rosie finds out she throws Nick out of their house and the two families become estranged.  After he father left Daisy was diagnosed with crippiling OCD.


Seven years later Rosie intercepts a letter from Lisa wanting to see Rosie.  The letter prompts Daisy's OCD to return.  People often make jokes about OCD but the description of Daisy's rituals just to function sounded exhausting.  In this book we find out what happened on the Norfolk holiday through the eyes of Daisy, younger brother Max, Rosie and Nick, but how reliable are their memories?


This was a fascinating book, if this family were real they would be guests on Jeremy Kyle.  I look forward to Fiona's next book.