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Them: Adventures with Extremists - Jon Ronson

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Jon Ronsen is a British Journalist/Documentary maker rather like Louis Theroux.


In Them:  Adventures with Extremists Jon investigates the KKK, David Icke and the shadowy Bildeberg group.  This was a fascinating book, stamped with Jon's gently mocking style of writing.


We meet the Grand Wizard of the KKK who will not let his members use the N word of wear the hood or robes during meetings.  David Icke who was humiliated on the Terry Wigan chat show for claiming the royal family are lizards.  The most Interesting was meeting the paranoid conspiracy theorists he meets when trying to enter a bizarre owl ritual.


Jon also spends time with hate cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed.  Jon described him as a jolly, convivial man who watched The Lion King everyday with his baby boy.


Chillingly Them was originally published in the UK on 28/06/11 three months before the 09/11 attacks.  Since then Omar now lives abroad and is banned from entering the UK.


This was an interesting read but did not do anything to debunk or provide evidence of these conspiracies.